The "Here Goes Nothing" Moment

Obstacles are an unavoidable part of our lives. Each day, we find ourselves at a standstill for one reason or another. Whether it’s for a brief moment, or for long periods of time. Sometimes it’s just a pause, a halt, a second guess, or a look back. 

Other times the obstacle can be crippling. It becomes consuming, like drowning in a stagnant pool. The obstacle can be a tough decision, a simple choice, or often as easy as deciding which road you take. Sometimes it’s all you can do to just sit there, frozen, still and motionless, blankly staring, waiting for someone or something to give you the answer, to lead the way.

When movement stops, it is most often related to one thing… fear; and it is fear in its purest and most true form. Subtle and non-distinct, fear isn’t always synonymous with terror. It can be irrational, it can also be logical, it can be something as plain as walking up that fire escape flight of stairs to your destination, or something based entirely on a past experience. But it is not always equated to that of being frightened.

Fear can be denial, putting things off, making excuses, not committing or following through. Never starting, never choosing, always deflecting.

Our lives are constantly in motion. As humans we have evolved to move, to discover, to seek, to learn, to go to new places, to see things we’ve never seen before, to break through those obstacles, shatter those barriers and expectations, to push beyond, to push further, then push even further…

It is not in our nature to be still. We are meant to create, to perceive, to understand the world around us. Creativity often has a way of turning into fear. You are afraid to speak up, afraid to be known, be seen, be heard, to take up space. But creativity is the one thing that we all possess to inspire, to move others, to provoke change even in the slightest way.

Let’s get one thing straight, stillness is not the enemy. Stillness is god damn amazing, beautiful, and extremely valuable to our existence. Doing nothing, being present, quieting the mind, soaking in the moment; this stillness is like a reset button that (I think) we must push at least once a day. We find clarity in stillness, we relate ourselves to the natural world in stillness, and in stillness we find a home within ourselves.

But stillness is not an excuse. Stillness is not the opt-out answer, the “I’d rather not”, or the “maybe later”. Stillness is far greater than that.

Sometimes the solutions to our fears are simply to move, to do, to start. Take a step, then another, change your direction. Whatever you do, don’t remain in that safe spot of stillness, that comfort zone where nothing starts and nothing ends. That is for another time and another place. When it comes to facing your fears, confronting your problems, and getting around those obstacles in your day,  whether or not you have any fucking idea what your starting or how to start it, just do something, do anything at all.

Beginnings are a vulnerable place for us. Beginning something you’ve never done before, trying it out, giving it a chance, fear of failing, fear of not being good at whatever it is you are attempting, someone already did it, or someone already does it better. These beginnings are the start of something magical. Ultimately beginning is the essence of life itself. We come face to face with the unknown, the mystery, and the wonder. Try not to fear it. Meet it, welcome it, and embrace it, because this collection of beginnings are what we will always come back to later in life. That time you tried, that time you failed, that time you succeeded, the time you said yes. Those moments are what a lifetime of experience are made of, and that’s actually what matters.

So there it is…. I’ve started something. I am one hundred percent certain this has been said a million times over in a million different ways. But right now, in a seeming moment of mild existential crisis, I am putting this thing out into the world, my take on the subject, my perspective, my words. This thing that I wrote last week and have quietly been picking at each day like a kid picks at the peas on their plate. Hesitant to move forward with it, always coming up with excuses why it wasn’t the right day to make it known, or why it doesn’t make sense in the “grand plan” I’m dreaming up. It doesn't always have to be perfect. Screw perfect. I have no idea where this is going, or what will come from it. But hey, here goes nothing...

Alicyn Lane