Commit to both...

"The way to feel fully alive isn't to compromise between responsibility and desire, it's to fully commit to both".

Looking back through the photos of adventures I've been on, I can't help but still be utteraly awed by each and every place I've been. Sometimes I wonder if I just dreamt that I was there. But when I focus on the memories, I can still feel the wind or the heat on my back, smell the air and the soil, watch the clouds pass by... I know it's real, and it's still out there waiting for me.

Striving to become a freelance writer and photographer hasn't been an easy task. Sometimes I feel like I'm on to something, the next I wonder what the hell I think I'm doing here.

But I do know for certain, just as real as those places I have been are to me, so is my passion and desire for the outdoors.

Trying to find my place as a freelancer in the outdoor community means for me, to reach out and connect with each and every individual I can, to constantly search for resources, like finding little hidden jewels in everyone I meet.

I've never been so certain that my responsibility (work) and my desires (discovering the outdoors) are things that I want to fully commit to, together. I am currently seeking any and every way to get involved through volunteer work, classes or community involvement.

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