In love with the Earth...

My summer has been filled with adventure, travels, and nature. I've been busy... the kind of busy I love the most. I'm exhausted from excitement. Rough life right?

On my travels, I've been enveloped in the misty clouds of the San Juans, I was drenched to the bone in rain at the turquoise waters of Ice Lake, meditated on sunsets and swam in a cool lake in Crested Butte.

I spent some of the most memorable moments yet with my partner, lived out of our 4 Runner for the first time, tested each other's patience on numerous levels, and came out on top (winning!). 

I got to SUP and kayak for the first time in Pagosa Springs, almost threw in the towel on a difficult backpacking trip to Fourmile Lake, but found the strength to keep going.

I soaked in healing hot springs, watched a meteor shower rip through the sky at Williams Resevoir, cooked delicious food, told ghost stories around a campfire, and enjoyed time with the best of friends.

I saw a bald eagle, a weasel, pheasants, and was chirped at by more marmots than I can count. I wished to see a bear, but to no avail my encounter with the creature is yet to come.

There is so much yet to come. And I a so excited to greet each new place and adventure with a smile.

I am so in love with this earth

And I can't wait to share my stories with you.

Alicyn LaneTravel